Writing 101, Day 1: I write because…

By: Ina

Nov 02 2015

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Category: Writing 101

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Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 1100D

My blog is actually about photography, but as I really enjoy writing as well, I’ll try to combine it in all those assignments coming up. So let’s start with a little list.

I write because…

  1. it is my “job” at the moment: I’m doing a journalism internship in London right now, which I enjoy a lot. I’m writing for a business magazine. Sometimes it is hard work, as customers can be complicated or they have only booked half a page in the magazine, and you have enough interesting information to write two pages. But still it is a great experience.
  2. I maybe can entertain people: Together with two friends from university, I’m writing on another blog about the cultural scene in Passau. We visit exhibitions, concerts, the cinema…, so writing makes us go out and enjoy the town.
  3. it helps to reflect: I think writing can help to deal with all the stuff you come across with during the day. And it is definitely less strange than talking to yourself aloud. 😉
  4. I have to: Essays for university…the hard thing of writing about something you are sometimes not really interested in…

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