Writing 101, Day 2: Write a list

By: Ina

Nov 03 2015

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Category: Writing 101

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Focal Length:47mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 1100D

Since I already made a list today, I am pretty sure I must be clairvoyant… Joking aside! Here are a few things that I wish.

  • I am doing a journalism internship at the moment and I wish to become a journalist after finishing my studies. I also hope that my articles can change something. I wish to show people what they don’t want to realize. There is probably no single solution to all the bad in the world, but who knows, maybe writing can play its part.
  • I wish that more people in my home country Germany come to their senses. I don’t know if you follow the news regularly and in how far they deal with this issue in your country’s news, but our society gets more and more polarized due to all these European crisis. Honestly, have smear campaigns and violence ever been a solution?
  • Finally, which might seem a little paradox after the second point, I wish I can move to another country one day. I’m living in the UK at the moment and I really like the people here. Maybe I’ll be back…

The photo above was taken at Hyde Park. I think it fits to this topic because it has a kind of wishful atmosphere.


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