Writing 101, Day 7: Let social media inspire you

By: Ina

Nov 10 2015

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Category: Writing 101

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 1100D

I really like learning languages. It always seems to me like a new language opens a new little world. At the university, I am learning French and Russian (however, Russian is quite hard). But if German wasn’t my mother tongue, I think I would have never learned it. Actually, I don’t really like the sound of German. 😉 And one weird thing about German is definitely the high number of compound words. That’s why I think the tweet is quite fitting. Overall, Nein Quarterly is one of my favourites on Twitter. I like his cynicism.

And since the sign of twitter is a bird, I chose the photo above I took in St. James Park some time ago.


One comment on “Writing 101, Day 7: Let social media inspire you”

  1. I don’t mind the compounds, but the order of the words can be confusing. To someone that speaks English, it’s like backwards talking … err, I mean talking backwards. 🙂

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