Macro Moments Challenge: Week 8

By: Ina

Aug 14 2016

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Category: Photography


Focal Length:27mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 1100D

This photo was taken in a beer garden on a nice summer evening. And I must admit that cheese is a kind of food I’m totally addicted to. 😉 More macro moments for this week can be found here




3 comments on “Macro Moments Challenge: Week 8”

  1. Hi Ina, I am putting entries into my media library for this week’s Macro Moments Challenge. Your photo will not upload because it is HTML format. Is there any way that you can re-submit it in JPEG format?

    • Hi Susan, I posted the photo again and now there is no link in it anymore, maybe that helps. Otherwise I have no idea why it is not working… 😦

      • Hi Ina, I tried copying the photo and adding a new link to the challenge but it is in HTML which is a text format and only JPEG photo format can be added to the media library so that I can share it in a post. If you can figure out a way to save it as a JPEG, please re-post.

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